Christian men, i have a question

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Christian men, i have a question

Postby Keith » Wed May 16, 2012 12:46 am

i am looking for any males who consider themselves born again. I want to know if any of you found your wife on this site? i have had thoughts if this is a proper way to go? i think it is, but i want to find a christain woman and now that she is.

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Re: Christian men, i have a question

Postby Terrance » Wed May 16, 2012 5:09 am

my advise is please, please, please DO NOT SHOVE RELIGION DOWN ANYONE'S THROAT. if she is willing to adopt the religion than let the higher authority move her. I am sure you will not like it if i evangelize another religion to you. communicate your feelings and thoughts of your religion BUT let her decided for herself.

I do not force my girl to adopt my religion but she sees and witness my faith when we do get a chance to visit HK. -NOTE christian faith is not really recognize by the government- for example The Vatican does not officially acknowledge any churches in mainland China, even the one in Beijing.

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Re: Christian men, i have a question

Postby David » Wed May 16, 2012 9:07 am


You will be born again, if you find a Chinese lady that is comparable to you, and you to her.

It's hard enough finding a future Chinese wife as it is, without adding obstacles and other superfluous requirements that she has to conform to before you'll be interested in her. I don't know, ...but whenever you start adding religion into an equation ...everything turns to rat's crap!!!

Do you think that all these multi religious marriages in this world are failures?? If anything, they are a lot more solid and lasting than what your idea of a perfect marriage should be.

Going along your route, you will have eliminated the vast majority of the ladies on this marriage site, ....Not a too clever thing to do, that....

If your so inclined, to have a '' Born Again '' Christian wife, why are you not looking in your own country?? There are many Christian marriage sites in the US. Surely your not going to tell us that these Born Again Christian ladies on those sites, are the same as the general population of US ladies??? That's not very Christian of you!!!!

Before you ask or say anything, No, I have No religious belief's whatsoever. I DO know right from wrong, and live my life in the main, as to how i was brought up. Which i might add is a dammed site better than a good few so called Religious People that i have come across, met, and/or known of, in my lifetime....

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