Recommendation on Language aids.

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Recommendation on Language aids.

Postby Lonnie » Tue May 22, 2012 12:41 am

Hi all: looking for recommendation's on Learning to speak the Chinese language, I want to be able to communicate with my lady when I get to Wuhan, I'm not that good with computer's so I am looking for Book suggestion's or CD suggestion's. Thanks in Advance

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Re: Recommendation on Language aids.

Postby Craig » Tue May 22, 2012 5:13 am

I have one book
Barrons Mandarin Chinese The easy way
its not to bad

But the most invaluable book I took to china was my lonely planet
Mandarin phrase book its well thumbed
We used that and she had electronic translator but the phrase book was often quicker and I could point as it had the phrase in
Chinese English and Pinyin

I would suggest you try and find a class or someone that can help you with the pronunciation and tones as this is the hard part I had done about 6 months before I went and could hold a basic conversation
but I am a slow learner

But not enough to talk about the big things in the end I would write down the sentences and we would work through them together and we got through
I still study and use the phrase book when I m on the phone but that is harder as she can't see the words and I may mess up the tones or the grammar. The grammar is important as it helps the understanding even if you get some words wrong. Lucky the grammer for basic sentences is the same as English like subject very object eg like I am very hungry

hope this helps

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Re: Recommendation on Language aids.

Postby Rob » Tue May 22, 2012 6:22 am

Lonnie, the phrase book is a good, can be fast as Craig pointed out. Another good phrase book is Harrap's Chinese phrasebook....about $8 USD.

The electronic hand held translator may make one lazy in learning....and one depends too much on them....but a very good way to have personal conversations with your lady.....but buy one in China....for they are cheaper, and have the write pad feature with stylus for her chinese characters, and you can write in english....they have chinese instructions, but are easy to figure out and use....I did can also use the elect. translators to check on how to pronounce some of the chinese words....thus get an elect. translator that has speaking capabilities...I did a search trying to find one like I purchaed in China...on amazon...viewed about 400 elect.translators...gave up.....I could not find one....repeat: buy one in China!
If you have an Nintendo DS, they have a game called My Chinese Coach...which I purchased from amazon....which is a game which is involved around learning Chinese way to learn...............Rob

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