Chinese women seem to be open-minded?

Chinese women are well-known for their beauty, grace and their fidelity to family. If you have questions about how todays Chinese ladies feel about love and romance then please ask here.

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Chinese women seem to be open-minded?

Postby Larry » Mon May 07, 2012 12:34 am

I have an impression that most Chinese women tend to be quite conservative about marriage. It's really surprising to find so many of them list profiles on this site. That is a doubt I would like you to clarify..

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Re: Chinese women seem to be open-minded?

Postby Morrison » Mon May 07, 2012 3:22 am

Haha, you have the same concerning with me! I have discussed this concern with the lady i am communicating, and the following are the general answer i conclude from her

-- i am conservative in marriage, but not mean i don't want to chase for my own happniess. i have gotten divoced for few years, and i want to find a husband to share my love and my loneness.
---- i am not as young as girls now, if i don't take the intial to find my soulmate, how my happiness and my husband come to me?
----- i am hurt by my ex-husband, i want to escape from the sad place
--- i am always busy with my work, and most of the persons i am getting along with are women, i can't find the suitable man for me, i want to find a man via the help of the internet
--- one of my friend has found her husband on Chnlove and leading a happy life now, i want to find my husband here too.

now do you have any idea why chinese ladies want to find their husband online? haha

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Re: Chinese women seem to be open-minded?

Postby Bob » Mon May 07, 2012 3:58 am

I have been conversing and visiting a Chinese lady for nearly a year now. Despite the fact that she has a very good job by Chinese standards, there is constant talk about marriage. I understand her feelings and have no doubt of her love, loyalty, fidelity and committment. We talk and have talked every day now for that year. I use phone cards and it costs about $10/week to call China. I also use yahoo messenger and a webcam. That usually costs my lady in China so sending a little money for that helps. I absolutely believe that time is on your side. Do not rush nor allow your lady to rush you. Love will bloom in its own time. Give yourself time to know your lady well and can see what you are getting into. Cross-cultural relationships need plenty of understanding and time.

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Re: Chinese women seem to be open-minded?

Postby David » Mon May 07, 2012 5:09 am

There is one cultural factor in China that causes Chinese ladies to seek marraige on the internet with non-Chinese men, and that is if a Chinese lady is divorced or much older than her mid-20's, her chances of getting married in China to a local man are next to zero. These ladies are not necessarily "gold-digging," or trying to marry a foreign man with lots of money, they simply cannot find a partner in their home country.

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