How to acquire a visa for my Chinese lady?

Getting a visa to China or obtaining one for your Chinese bride to go to your home? Find help here.

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How to acquire a visa for my Chinese lady?

Postby Peter » Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:32 am

I have heard so many different interpretations concerning the process of getting a visa. Some people asy it is very easy, others say it is very difficult. I have a good job. I make well above the minimum requirement. I have a professional careeer, and I own my house. I would think I would be a good candidate in the eyes of the government. I have consulted more than one US attorney who has told me that the age difference between my lady and me will be an issue. She is 25 and I am 45. Many people have told me that an age difference like this is very common in China. We all know that it is not very common in the US. Does anyone here have experience trying to get a visa with a 20 year age difference between the two people involved? Second question: How long should I realistically expect this process to take? Third question: Am I correct in my understanding that the process will be delayed if she visits the US while we are waiting

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Re: How to acquire a visa for my Chinese lady?

Postby Robert » Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:51 am

Peter: I don't know if the age differance will be a problem or not, but if you have already applied for a K1 or K2, that will be a problem. When she applies for her B2 visa to visit, they will ask if she has any other visa's pending. It is imposible to prove that she will return to China, at the end of her visit. It is nuch easier for you to visit her and not likly she could come to the US to visit you, with a K visa pending. If you,like me, think they should experience the American way of life before they decide to live here, wait on the K visa untill after she visits.My fiancee will visit, for about a month, on her B2 in July. Good Luck whatever you do.

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Re: How to acquire a visa for my Chinese lady?

Postby Kurt » Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:44 am

Peter, I will echo what Robert said. The B1/B2 is fairly easy to get for single entry, even 1 year multiple entry depending on her current job in China. My BJ lady is comming here in July and did get a multiple entry one. It was complex for her to complete on line & then pay a bank, and then do the face-to-face visa interview. She was always apprehensive on each step & just needed confidence. BTW once she did decide to do the paperwork, the process was only about 3 weeks

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Re: How to acquire a visa for my Chinese lady?

Postby Chris » Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:13 am

The reason you might and probly will have a problem, with age difference is because they will think it's just scam. Which does happen often.

So what one friends lawywer did, was including personal emails between the two for 6months to prove it wasn't. And they had been talking for while(like 6months). They were on webcam as well and documented it. Then the age difference wasn't a problem.
(note a some of the things in emails were private, so my friend did edit it a tiny bit, but nothing major)

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