It will be fun to learn some Chinese?!

Have more knowledge of Chinese culture and tradition, you will find it interesting and helpful for the smooth communication with your Chinese lady!

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It will be fun to learn some Chinese?!

Postby Bill » Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:53 am

Ni Hao! Recently I have been exchanging mails with my lady friend in China. She is a wonderful lady and her voice is so sweet : ) She tried to teach me some Chinese but unfortunately I am awkawd in learning how to pronounce : ( Any idea to learn Chinese??

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Re: It will be fun to learn some Chinese?!

Postby Keith » Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:09 am

It's really very difficult to learn a foreign language, such as Chinese. I am also a foreigner who has learnt Chinese for nearly 2 years because i wnant to increase the deep communication with my chinese soulmate.

At firstly, i have asked a tutor to teach me how to pronouce the chinese pinyin which is the basis of learning chinese, after several months, i nearly know how to spell the simple words by myself, how happy i was at that time! i will phone my lady once i leant one word, at the same time she will teach me another simple chinese word, such as "wo ai ni, lao gong (i love you, my husband)". of course, i would show my chinese pinyin in our letter, and my lady would encourge me which also made me full of confidence to learn chinese.

i am confident to learn chinese because i have the encouragement and support from my future wife.

i love my lady and also i love china and chinese language. :D

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Re: It will be fun to learn some Chinese?!

Postby Adrian » Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:05 am

i am a novice in learning chinese. i have learnt chinese for about 1 year, and i found that i have made great progress in it.

i once know nothing abouy chinese lanuage, then after i met my chinese lady, i decide to lean chinese. firstly, i asked a tutou to teach me chinese pinyin and how to spell it, and not long time, i learnt some simple words such as "ni hao" "zao shang hao" "wo ai ni". then i bought some books and tapes about learning chinese, then i study it very hardly since i wnant to show at one word to my lady each day.

of course, my lady is happy to help me to study chinese. For our love and for our future life, i would try my best to study chiense.

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Re: It will be fun to learn some Chinese?!

Postby Bob » Wed Mar 28, 2012 6:23 am

I have found a great web-address that teaches basic Chinese and other languages with audio word pronunciation. Great for beginners and for basic knowledge for both Mandarin learners and English. It is very helpful for me.

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