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Postby Steve » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:09 am

We are happy to provide a forum here for members to share their comments and reviews on Chnlove. In addition to this, we also collect feedbacks from members in many other ways. For example, you can share your experience and comments with us by email or under the "Success Stories" section on our website.

No matter how busy we are, there is one job that none of us want to miss, which is going through all the mails about reviews and comments. Since our ultimate goal of doing business is to help more people find their lifetime partner, we would be most excited and pleased when we receive letters from members telling us how they have found true love on Chnlove. This will make all our efforts worthwhile. Here below are some of the love stories, reviews and comments we received from our members.

By Brian (CM48739607 ) from United States
I met the most beautiful and amazing Chinese woman on Chnlove. I knew I would fall in in love with her the moment I saw her first photo. I was enchanted. we corresponded for four months before meeting. we were married in China in 2009...

By Ethan (CM946841 ) from United States
I would like to thank you and your staff very much. You were very helpful and kind to me when I visited China. Because of you I met the love of my life, Xia Cai. We are engaged now and I'm sure we will be very happy together...

By Rob (CM22114185 ) from Australia
First I want to thank you very much for all you have done for Cindy and myself. If it wasn’t for your agency I would never have met my beautiful wife. I really appreciate all the hard work you have done for both of us.From the very first time, Cindy and I met at Shenyang airport, and you came to pick me up and help with translation our language barrier was a very special experience for me. Your company is very honest and caring. And I will never forget this...

By Altoona (CM291358), from United States ... tid=SC3517
I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your assistance to myself and my lovely new wife, Yammi.Language alone is difficult but when the differences of culture are added to a new relationship, it becomes very difficult. Yammi and I exchanged many long letters because we both realized that if we finally decided to marry...In the early times of our communication you assisted as much with words as concepts... ...The blending of cultures has been a very interesting part of our relationship. I believe that the translation of my words and the meaning behind them let my darling wife know I respect her and her opinions...

By Leon (CM372494), from NY, United States
...This is the best matchmaking site on the entire internet, by far. I have tried a lot of sites,so I know what I'm talking about. Your features and services are superb, honest, and secure...I am just stunned by their kindness, respect, and friendliness. I wish there were some way to tell them all that they are wonderful and special...

By Rob Riddell (CM325874), from Queenslnad, Australia
...There so much more I could have written but seriously to anyone considering ChnLove to find there soul mate...I soooooooo recommend the site the service and the people all so helpful with ongoing advise? I have found MY TRUE LOVE, MY SOUL MATE, MY WIFEWe are two of the happiest people in the world now, we are the lucky couple we are winners...hope you can all find the same...

By Dave (CM374259), from Alberta, Canada
... I cannot contain the words of appreciation and thanks that your service or your site offers. The method in which it is set up, the quality of the translation and the help that you afford is amongst the finest.Other sites have one sole role - to make easy money. The people are not screened, considered and it is just an electronic jungle. Yours actually means you have and are putting work and effort into it...

By Jacque Bishop (CM66143 ), from United States have recently updated your site! It has some new features and a new look to the old ones.This is stating the obvios to you but i am impressed the new look is very inviting and makes a good impression...

We encourage you to share your own story and your reviews and comments with us. We treasure all precious comments and feedbacks from our members and we always believe that every word from our member will help us make continuous improvements and attain a higher level of services.

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Re: Reviews by Club Members

Postby Delia » Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:58 am

I am happy to join here and see some message about reviews.Through the I only know it is an International online Dating Site for Singles meeting Asian Girls for Love and Relationship.Many practical cases are unaware . Hope a lot of comments about chnlove reviews, let me know more about this site ,Thanks.Give the best wishes.

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