Need some advice!!!

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Need some advice!!!

Postby SteffG » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:46 pm


I need some advice.
I’ve been writing to two women, one since May and one since July.
Both of them send me natural photos, not these edited once and one even send me some more sexy once where she stay in the shower with underpants and bra.
Both of them answered all my questions I asked about but don’t talk anything about their family or friends.
I ask both to get Skype and one answered that she did not know what Skype is and the other one answered that she will look in to it as she was not familiar with Skype.
As I’ve been in Asia in August I ask them to meet. One tell me that she was busy with her work at that time and the other one that she like to meet me but not tell me when.
Now I asked again the two women to meet and the women who was busy with her work answered that now she like to chat on Chnlove and the other one said that she like to meet but not say when.

So what to believe?? How longer should I wait to meet them?? Are they for real, do they have honourable intentions or are they just scammers??
Should I drop them??


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